daddysandI haven’t yet talked much about what I originally meant to be one of my main aims of this blog – the ups and downs of the Hollywood life w/a family in tow – because I’m still figuring out the balance of what I want to share in a public blog sphere. I do want to talk more about the realities of this life so that I may support others in similar positions, and I hope to eventually find my place with this blog so that I may better do so.

chasebirdsBut for right now, what I can say is that one of the most difficult things about living this hollywood/screenwriter’s life is that you live in a state of both perpetual hope and perpetual disappointment. It’s often difficult to find true contentment. Some days are good days, and you feel hopeful about news of a project and someone’s interest in it. Other days are not so good with news of a studio or company’s rejection or a pass from someplace that seemed very promising. Months or even years of these near continual ups and downs can be trying both on an individual and on a marriage relationship.

sharesandtoysLast week was one of the rough weeks for KP and I. Sometimes the only upside to discouraging news is that it can allow a couple to talk seriously…and grow closer together.

We ended up coming to the conclusion that while we may not be able to shed this life of uncertainty – at least not right now – but that at the very least we can change our attitude about it. No matter what, we’ve got each other. We’ve got an awesome little daughter that we love so much. And even though it’s a bit scary to be adding this to the mix, we also have the excitement of knowing that we’ll be adding a new, precious little baby to our lives in the next 6 weeks or so.

So we’ve decided to be happy. Until we’re at the place where we’re able to make some more definite decisions, we’re at least going to be happy with what we’ve got. We’re going to do things that make us happy (within reason of course and things we can still afford; we’re not about to go crazy!).

mamawater2And this weekend, we decided last-minute to go to the beach. Why? Well, because the beach always makes us happy. We are blessed to be living in a place with beautiful weather and we often forget to be thankful for it. This weekend ended up being a PERFECT day for a beach trip too. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy. Just perfect. Fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun, a little bit of exercise, friendly strangers willing to share beach toys – it will do a body and morale good.

So here are some more pictures of us at the beach from this weekend.


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