It’s been killing me that I haven’t written more in here lately! I always get these ideas for blog posts, or I have some unfinished posts that I’ve begun but not done much with, and then there’s so much that I really do want to say and use this blog for…but life gets in the way of best intentions. 🙁

I feel as though KP are also in yet another transition time of sorts. And I guess I’m hesitant to post, waiting for things to solidify one way or another. The past month has gone by in a whirl. I have no idea where all the days of May went. I remember May 10th and 11th, which was KP’s birthday and Mother’s Day, oh – and we had a BBQ! I should’ve posted pictures on this blog – but then all the other days seem to have disappeared from my memory. When did it turn to 20s of May? And now it’s Memorial Day and the month’s practically over with? How is this happening? Is time really passing this quickly?!?

Baby S is now officially a month old, so yeah, I guess time is passing this quickly. It all just feels like a blur of days though.

Wake, feed the baby, take care of the toddler, attempt to get dressed, settle baby to sleep, play with toddler, attempt again to get dressed. Baby wakes up, feed the baby, burp the baby, rock/sway/walk/cajole the baby to relieve gas or whatever is bugging him. Change baby’s diaper. Try to diffuse tantrum that the toddler is throwing. Put baby down to sleep. Re-insert pacifier. Feed toddler. Re-insert pacifier. Put toddler down for a nap. Quiet time. Get on computer. Toddler gets up, tell her it’s still naptime and to go back to bed. Toddler begs for juice. Stand firm, but then have to suffer toddler’s crying. Back on computer. Pump. Baby starts crying. Feed bottle. Fold laundry. Remember to pull out a frozen meal to thaw for dinner. Toddler wakes up. Snack time. Feed baby. Change Diaper. Go play outside. Baby only wants to be held. Toddler makes a huge mess. Clean up toddler. Start dinner. Eat. Feed baby. Bath time. Toddler goes to bed. KP and I watch tv. Feed baby, change diaper, put down to sleep. Re-insert pacifier. Play around on computer while sitting in front of the tv. Pump again. Start to fall asleep. Make a bottle for late-night feeding. Go to bed. Wake up 2 hours later to baby’s cries. Feed bottle. Wake up 4 hours later to baby’s cries. Nurse. Baby doesn’t settle down back to sleep. Sun comes up. Baby finally goes to sleep. Go back to sleep. Toddler wakes up. KP gets up with toddler. Sleep for another hour until baby wakes up again. Feed baby.

This is my life at the moment….sigh…over and over. No wonder all the days are a blur!!

Anyway, I have nothing else of any substance to post here right now. 🙁 But I wanted to post something, anything, here in the interim until I do have something to post!

So give us another week. I think in another week we’ll have some answers and I’ll have something to say in this blog.

Happy Memorial Day!

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