In my very first post on this blog, I made a mention that changes were looming. But I haven’t since mentioned anything about our future, because, well, there hasn’t been anything to mention. As always, or at least for the past almost two years, we’ve just been waiting. Waiting to see what happens. Waiting to see if our future is going anywhere. Waiting to know how to make decisions. Waiting. And waiting is hard. Waiting is exhausting. Waiting is stressful.

But about a week ago, an opportunity presented itself. An opportunity for me. A job that I’ve been eying for awhile, that I’ve been applying for for, hmm…3 or 4 years? A job I interviewed for a year ago, didn’t get, yet was asked this year to interview for again. It’s a great job. It’s the perfect transition for me at this this point in my career, it’s where I hoped I would eventually end up. It answers so many of the problems I was worried about for this upcoming school year. I won’t have to get childcare in order to work with 2 kids. I won’t need to have a car. I can continue spending time working on this invention thing to see if that goes anywhere.

It’s the job I need to take. I somehow feel at peace with this job, like it’s the right thing and what I’m meant to do.


It’s only part-time. With a part-time salary.

Though KP is thankfully working a short-term position right now which has floated us over the summer (when I wasn’t getting paid my teacher’s salary), we don’t know how long his job will last. He gets extended in two-week chunks. It’s possible that this week could be his last.

The responsible and smart financial decision is for me to NOT take this part-time job and to continue being the main, steady breadwinner of the family at the place I’ve worked, full-time, for the past 5 years. I know this. KP knows. It’s obvious to anyone.

But I still somehow feel that the part-time position is the RIGHT place for me to be. It just is. And I can’t let this opportunity pass me up.

So yesterday I officially accepted it.

I’m taking a leap of faith here. A huge leap. And I’m forcing KP to take it with me.

And it’s scary.

So. That possible change that I mentioned in my very first post? It might be upon us sooner than later. Very soon. The clock is now ticking and we’re hanging on for the ride.

We’ll see what the next two weeks bring.


And in related, yet funner news, part of the contract I had to fill out for this new job stated that any new intellectual property developed as a result of the company would belong to the employer. That’s not a particularly uncommon inclusion in new employee contracts, but what was fun was that I then had to list out any prior inventions or patents I currently held before employment. I actually had something to list! I felt quite distinguished and I hope my new company is even more impressed with me now, ha ha.

And speaking of my invention, look what I got in the mail yesterday. 🙂





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