I’ve done it. I’ve done it. I can’t believe I’ve done it but indeed I did!

Well, well, well. I have (finally) moved my blog to WordPress.org, complete with a domain change from screenwriterwife.wordpress.com to the OFFICIAL http://www.screenwriterswife.com!! Oh yes, this little blog is fully legit now. Please update your bookmarks and say tuned for all the greatness to come…

Here’s a funny little story about me. Yeah, I know that blogging is so cool now and been around for a little while. And that if you can claim that you’ve had a blog since the good ole days of like 2007 or earlier, then you’re pretty well-established. BUT, did you know that waaaaay back before “blogging” became a thing, that there was something called online diaries, typically at either LiveJournal or Diaryland? And that even before the days of online diaries, there was something even more amazing and miraculous called GeoCities.

And *I* was on GeoCites way back when. Way before all the now-cool bloggers began spewing forth their thoughts out into the interwebs. *I* was part of that group that started it all. (I just spent 20 min. searching internet archives to see if I could find and get a screen shot of my original 1998 Geocities site, but I can’t find it and guess it hasn’t been archived. boo.)

So yeah everyone. I’ve had an online presence, even if no one knew really about it, for 16 years. So there. I’m awesome. 🙂

Way back in 1998, and in the several years after, I became semi-knowledgeable about website construction. Back in those early days, there was no basic website builder programs like there are today. It was all about html and ftp. Honestly, I always had trouble getting the whole ftp transfer thing to work for me, so I typically would write my html code in a program like Publisher (and later Dreamweaver) so I could preview it, and then just cut and paste the html into pages in my geocities file directory. Eh, not the best way to do things, but it worked.

Anyways. I bring all this up now, because the past couple days, as I’ve had a few moments to go and look into cPanel (the file hosting service I was signed up for) and my site folders, all these memories come flooding back. Heck, my college major was in Electronic/Digital Media! You’d think I’d have remembered all this stuff better…but alas, Electronic/Digital Media is a degree that must be constantly maintained in order to stay current, and I have not done so. So eh, my website building knowledge is what it is today.

I’m excited to see all the new freedoms and customability I can have with wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com and what, if anything, I can do with this little blog o’mine from here on out.

(I apologize for the slight nerd-talk in this post. I’m not really a tech-nerd. Not at all. Maybe once upon a time, but definitely not now. But if the above seems out of your league, don’t worry about it. Basically, this whole post could be summed up by saying “I did some stuff and now my website address changed and I can make this blog more serious if I want to.”)

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