Super Fast 7 Quick Takes. As usual, see This Ain’t The Lyceum for more in the link-up.

15836views1) So this happened yesterday! I was like a “real” blogger! Had my site crash in the morning and had to do some last-minute ‘tech’ing too. Oh, also had strangers on facebook criticizing my apparently cluttered house. Fun times, fun times…I got such a kick out of the whole thing. 🙂

2) For the past couple days, my daughter will only answer to “cinderella”. She calls S her “stepsister S” and me “stepsister’s mom”. She also wears a dress up cinderella crown and plastic ‘glass slippers’ that she has. But I’m totally ok going along with this because “Cinderella” is so nice and kind and helpful and polite! I’d much rather have “Cinderella” than a 3 yr. old often tantrum-throwing, testy, C! Ha!

3) On Monday, my youngest sister will be auditioning in front of the judges on America’s Got Talent. I admittedly don’t watch the show so I’m not totally aware how the process works, but I think this is the BIG DEAL part. Either way, my mom is flying out and we’re gonna go watch her and her band perform. So exciting for her!

4) Have a happy Easter weekend everyone!

5) We joined the YMCA this week. Which is kind of exciting. I’m finally going to start swimming again and I’ve taken both S and C individually in the pool and worked on swimming lesson with them. I’m determined to teach them how to swim myself, without having to pay $45 a month for lessons; gotta save money where you can! 🙂

6) I also joined the budgeting website Every Dollar. I’m still on the free trial right now, though I seriously think I will stick with the paid version. It’s seriously awesome. The best budgeting online program I’ve ever used. Very intuitive to how I think. Nothing else like, had the same flow to it, especially for ever-fluctuating incomes. Not get paid at all to say this, nor am I getting any kind of referral bonus. Just sharing a helpful tool.

7) Right now, as I’m typing this, C is climbing on me and opening my mouth to look at my teeth. She said she’s trying to see the inside of my body and my muscles. Now she’s off to get her doctor kit to check out my mouth some more. Meanwhile, I’m still typing away. Now she’s telling me I have something yellow on my teeth. Thanks for pointing that out kid. This is motherhood, folks.

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2 Comments on SQT 4/3/15: Becoming a “real” blogger & other things

  1. Congrats on your initiation as a real blogger! It sounds fun and crazy all at once.

    I love your real motherhood sharing. Kids are so funny. 🙂

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