but I need to write something.

You know how sometimes you just feel so much, all at once and because you can’t quite place your finger on any of it (or rather because it’s too many emotions all at once and you don’t have enough fingers), you just sit there and ABSORB it all?

That’s where I am right now.

Took a break after the sadness. But then got caught up in other things and just haven’t gotten back to the blog.

But I should do blog things.

Life would be easier if we didn’t have to make money, you know?

Also, I do too many non-overlapping things. I know it probably doesn’t look like I do all that much, because again, none of it overlaps, so no one really knows what else I’m up to. But I’ve got like 20 trains of thought in my head at almost all times, you just don’t know it.

But I’m so much more productive when I can narrow that down and focus on maybe┬á3 things, tops. So sometimes I have to push other things aside. And my blog has been pushed aside for the time being.

It’s funny. I always get all these grandiose dreams that I’m going to turn my blog like totally “legit” and make money off it and stuff. And truthfully, I probably could if I wanted to. I’m still a tiny fish blog…but even still, some of my posts, like my date night boxes one, shows up all over the place (google “date night boxes” and I’m top 3, woohoo!) and especially in writing for I Believe In Love now too, I’m sometimes surprised that oh, people read this blog at all. But some people are reading. And that’s so cool. And I love you all for it. I really do. Please keep reading and stroking my ego, ok? Just kidding. Sort of. ­čÖé


I’m diving back in. We’re diving back in. It’d been awhile, and we took a nice long break from it, but I’m throwing myself back into the world. I hope someday I can talk about all this more. I wish I could share. It’s more than just a potentially money-making project. It’s more than just a script I’m writing with my husband.

But I don’t know all the words for it right now to describe it. So I’m just absorbing it all, funneling these emotions and connections and story lines as best I can into a singular focus. So that I can focus. And be productive.

And I hope. Hope is back. Back again.


Thank you KP for letting me get away for hours and hours today and just listen to music and type and think in circles in my head until something comes out…hopefully something beautiful and amazing and just as it’s supposed to be.

Fingers crossed for this journey that is hopefully ahead of us.

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