Hello Blog, my old friend. I’ve come to talk to you again. 
Because all my thoughts are creeping, Left quiet only when I’m sleeping.
And the words, that keep running through my brain
Aren’t retained
Within this blog of silence. 

These lofty dreams I hope to ownNeither closer do I roam,
Nor the decision to revamp. I yearn for hope that it won’t all go damp.
While my eyes are staring at this empty screen, so white
Hoping tonight
To unblock this silence.

In social media I now saw; I wonder why we don’t want more?
People sharing without thinking, People agreeing without discerning. 
I’m drafting words that my blog posts could never share
‘Cause I don’t dare
Disturb the sound of social silence. 

And so instead I just pray, that it will all work out someday.
And that they’ll be signs of warning, before in the swells I’m drowning.  
And I hope that the words that I saw fit to write here don’t seem banal
Though I’m sure they are.
And I now whistle The Sounds of Silence. 

In other words, this is my attempt to break out of my blog silence and ignite a spark of creativity to get all these posts currently stored in my head out. We’ll see what happens from here… ha ha 🙂


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