I feel like writing another Rambling Ronni post right now. I hope y’all don’t hate these kinds of posts – I feel I occasionally need them to pull myself out of writing/thinking slumps.

A week or two ago, using (the greatest browser extension ever, imho) F.B. Purity, I decided to hide my facebook newsfeed in its entirety. This may have been a bit of an extreme reaction, but I figured it was more prudent than deleting facebook altogether…and I couldn’t seem to muster up the willpower to just stay off facebook of my own accord.

It’s been great for my sanity. I mean, I still use facebook daily. I’ve posted to The Screenwriter’s Wife facebook page a few times. I’ve gone directly to some of the groups I’m in to read and contribute there, I’ve looked up people by name who’ve popped into my mind. I feel much more in control of the incessant and mind-numbing “noise” I’ve found myself recently subjected to -and that I wrote about in my last Rambling Ronni.

I apologize if I’ve missed any big announcements from anyone. I wish there was a way to only filter in pregnancy, birth, marriage and other personal good news announcements from my fb friends somehow. 

But shutting myself off from the “noise” has also brought a bit of loneliness. Coupled with all the L.A. rain and gloomy weather we’ve been getting recently, and my super-sprained ankle that makes me not want to go anywhere or do anything, and that even at only 6.5 months I already feel super pregnant – I’ve been in kind of a bummy mood as of late. 

I should be writing. The script I talked about last time. MY script. But man, my mindspace is pulled so many directions at all times it seems. I deeply envy all those other aspiring writers who have the freedom of mind and life to get into the headspace to write on a regular (or even occasional) basis.

Are there any other stay-at-home-moms-and-part-time-online-math-tutors out there trying to write a script too? Who are pregnant AND already have two other not-yet-school age children at home? No? Yes? If so – be my friend, lol! Though I realize that I could just as well be the only one out there…

Though I keep telling myself that if I ever *do* finish this script, that maybe somehow my stay-at-home-mom uniqueness will give me an edge. Right? Diversity, right? I always hear this industry talk about “fresh, female writers” – here I am world! A totally fresh, actual, real life, down in the trenches stay-at-home-mom female voice. Bet you don’t have any of me in your writer’s rooms….just sayin…

Ha, eh, I tell myself what I gotta tell myself to keep myself going. Pretty much, a major theme of my entire blog, lol. 

I’ve also been getting this sense lately that there’s not a lot of people like me. Ha, I suppose that ‘weirdness’ makes me well adapted to be a writer, huh? If so, ok, I’ll take that. Even if that means that some loneliness will always be part of my destiny. 

Tomorrow I’ve talked myself into attending another step-outside-my-comfort-zone-but-maybe-I’ll-fit-in event.

I might update later and divulge more afterward. Or maybe I’ll be too embarrassed and never speak of it again. We shall see.

Thanks for listening to my rambling! Have a great evening!

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2 Comments on Rambling Ronni Again Writes About Writing. And Weirdness-slash-Loneliness.

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    Best of luck! Have a blessed day!

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