Writer’s Block

You know what I love about this side little blog of mine? No one reads it. It’s here. It’s public. I’m not hiding it. But it’s quiet. No one cares about it. I’m free here. Well, I guess someone could read it. But even if they do, I don’t care. If someone really thinks I’m […] Read more…

Rambling Ronni: Act 2: You Do You, You Rebel You

One month ago yesterday, we moved. I’ve posted a couple pictures on instagram since then – never of the actual inside of the house. Never a clear shot of the outside either. Or the amazing yard….I mean yardS, as in plural. I’ve only posted small moments of this new life.

I don’t know if I’m ready to publicly show off our new home. 

Which probably sounds strange, considering I unashamedly plastered the internet with the details of my 700 sq ft, Family of 5 home.  Read more…