deep thoughts

Rambling Ronni: Living, dying, spacetime.

There are more thoughts in my head than I have time to think about. To write out. To acknowledge. To make matter.

I’m stuck in my own world, in my own head, pondering. Feeling. Watching. Hoping.
Caught in this moment. This brief moment. Of all time. Of all existence.

My baby’s growing. I’m getting older. Years will pass. What is modern becomes what is outdated.
Everyone who came before me: I will soon be like you.
Everyone who comes after me: You will soon be like me. Read more…

Life. And Death. And Books.

The closest I’ve ever come to understanding death was the moment I gave birth to my first child.

There were no complications, neither I nor the baby were in distress, and my daughter was born perfectly healthy.

Still, in that moment, consumed in the un-medicated haze of labor pains and heavy acceptance of new life leaving my being to form its own – I experienced a profound connection to the intensity of both life and death all at once. Life and death, two journeys we all must pass, inevitably, once at our beginning and once at our end. Read more…

My Grandest Adventure…and A Dabbling Into the Metaphysics of Time

I’ve been feeling rather reflective lately. Lost in the contemplation of the metaphysics of time, both reminiscent of the past and hopeful for the future.  I remember being younger and someone explaining to me that time was like a river – that all time is currently flowing, yet all we can experience and know is […] Read more…

I Want It All, And I Want It Now. (& Where Am I Going With All This Again?)

And then all these grand thoughts about the meaning of life have to bubble up and demand to be reconciled…precisely at a time when I don’t have the time or mindspace to devote time or mindspace to them.

But I want to think these thoughts. I want to reconcile them into nice organized compartments in my mind. I want everything to make sense and have answers.

I want it all. Read more…

Something I Want But Might Not Happen

Last night, or early this morning more like it, I had several (remembered) dreams. None were crazy dreams or odd situations. All were dreams that included people I know either in person or online and all were centered on conversations that would make sense to discuss with that person. I guess it was my mind’s […] Read more…

I Hate Blogging.

Ok, no not really. I just figured the title would catch your attention. Did it? Wellll, ok, maybe I do suppose there’s a little bit of truth in the statement. I DO sometimes hate what blogging has done to me. I LOVE having this blog as an outlet, but I also hate how much time […] Read more…