Wake Me Up When September Ends

Oh, September’s ending TODAY? Oh yeah, that’s right. 🙂 Happy almost-October. Whew. September 2015, what happened to you this month? I’m pretty sure you have been the most irregular month of our entire married life. Of the 30 days of September, KP and I have been in separate states for 14 of them. Of the […] Read more…

Here we go!… (Again.)

I’ve been quiet on social media lately. Two weeks since my last blog post and I’ve hardly posted on facebook or twitter either. That’s not because nothing been going on in my life, on the contrary, it’s because things have been going on.

Last week, any spare time I had went to planning our first family camping trip we took last weekend. A post covering that fun event is next in the queue to be written.

This week, I’ve been immersed in another project. A very exciting and humbling and hopeful project. But as with all things in the entertainment business world, I don’t dare share news of it yet. Nothing is for sure until it’s for sure. But there’s something special about this one I think. Read more…

I Hate Blogging.

Ok, no not really. I just figured the title would catch your attention. Did it? Wellll, ok, maybe I do suppose there’s a little bit of truth in the statement. I DO sometimes hate what blogging has done to me. I LOVE having this blog as an outlet, but I also hate how much time […] Read more…

SQT 4/10/15: Handling Marriage, America’s Got Talent & Other Boring Stuff

So I really like doing these Seven Quick Take Link-Ups over at This Ain’t The Lyceum on Fridays. Seven things that don’t really constitute a whole blog post, but things I want to chat about nevertheless.

tweets1) So did you see that article that went viral earlier this week about why we supposedly can’t handle marriage anymore? It had really bugged me, so I wrote a response to it. Twittered it to the author of the article as well. He tweeted back. I know it’s not much, but I do try to make a difference in the small things if I can.

CB92Cw_UgAAogSo.jpg large
About to perform.

2) This past Monday my parent flew into town and we watched my youngest sister perform in front of the America’s Got Talent judges. I can’t tell you what happened or if they made it to the next round or not, so Read more…

Hope, rejection, and fabulous parties.

Hope and rejection, two emotions, contrary yet intertwined. This is what I should be writing about tonight. I’ve tried to craft thoughts into words enough to form a post worth reading…but I just can’t do it. Not yet. Not tonight. I’m too fresh off a recent rejection. I need time for hope to seep back […] Read more…