Waiting For My Time To Come

The past several weeks over here in the Peck household, KP and I have quietly embarked on a little undertaking. An undertaking I want to share all about in this blog so, so much. An undertaking that is actually not quite so little at all…

But I can’t write about it all yet, because I don’t yet know what to write about it all. What I can tell you already is this: at least over here in this small part of the world, this maybe-little-maybe-big undertaking carries great significance for us. As though it’s exactly where our life’s paths have always been leading us. Read more…

SQT 4/10/15: Handling Marriage, America’s Got Talent & Other Boring Stuff

So I really like doing these Seven Quick Take Link-Ups over at This Ain’t The Lyceum on Fridays. Seven things that don’t really constitute a whole blog post, but things I want to chat about nevertheless.

tweets1) So did you see that article that went viral earlier this week about why we supposedly can’t handle marriage anymore? It had really bugged me, so I wrote a response to it. Twittered it to the author of the article as well. He tweeted back. I know it’s not much, but I do try to make a difference in the small things if I can.

CB92Cw_UgAAogSo.jpg large
About to perform.

2) This past Monday my parent flew into town and we watched my youngest sister perform in front of the America’s Got Talent judges. I can’t tell you what happened or if they made it to the next round or not, so Read more…