Here I was all geared up to write my newest “hindsight” post all about marriage since yesterday was KP and mine’s 9 yr wedding anniversary.

Oh life. Why do you always throw a wrench into things whenever we think we are starting to figure them out?

Needless to say, and without going into unnecessary detail, I am suddenly, and completely unexpectedly, without a job (and as far as I know, NOT due to anything on my part, but just due to numbers). Yes, the awesome job I talked about in this post. The job that I jumped into on a leap of faith. The job that I just somehow felt or sensed was the ‘right’ job for me, and I convinced KP to let me take even though it wasn’t really the best financial decision.

In spite of it all, and even though it probably seems strange, I’m thankful. Thankful that I have other opportunities to pursue. Thankful that of all subjects that I have a math credential and that math teachers are often in need. Thankful for having the opportunity to work somewhere I really enjoyed for a short amount of time. Thankful that difficult job situations are not a new thing for KP and I and that we know how to handle them and will handle this. Thankful that I happened to have had a friend visiting today to both distract and encourage me. Thankful for whatever new path may be ahead of me that only this sudden job loss would have allowed me to pursue.

Above all, I’m doing my best to take this new found lack of employment – my first time in 7 years – with dignity and hope.

And as always, here’s to hoping that we end up on the better side of it all.

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