Oh, September’s ending TODAY? Oh yeah, that’s right. 🙂 Happy almost-October.

Whew. September 2015, what happened to you this month? I’m pretty sure you have been the most irregular month of our entire married life.

Of the 30 days of September, KP and I have been in separate states for 14 of them.
Of the remaining 16 days:
2 1/2 were spent camping away from home,
6 my mom was visiting from out of town, and
2 1/2 were spent with KP and I away celebrating our 10th anniversary.
So all in all, we’ve had what, a total of 6 days of “normal” life…if you can even call our regular lives normal that is.

You can’t see it in this picture, but all my fingers and toes are crossed. 🙂

– I started a new part-time job.
– KP flew home for the death of a family member, and then a couple weeks later, for the service.
– We did a skype interview for a reality show (won’t be word for a few more weeks on this).
– My daughter C turned 4.
– I finally received a letter from the USPTO that my patent application from July has been filed correctly (this was a whole headache that I hadn’t written about yet).
– KP and I had a meeting with some studio heads and pitched our movie to them, the one we’d been practicing for months. And now we just sit and wait and see if anything happens.
– We had a super blood moon.
– It was very hot (and no central air).
– My blog started taking off:
— I participated in Blogelina’s Comment-AThon,
— I offered a giveaway,
— I started a mailing list,
— I’m trying out a product to write a review on,
— I wrote a guest post on someone else’s blog,
— I was featured in another blogger’s DIY post,
my one “viral” post was posted on facebook again so I got a surge of visitors.
– Oh and all the usual things like KP’s drinks and lunch meetings and mom’s groups and play dates, etc.

Tomorrow, Oct. 1, 2015, is our ACTUAL 10th wedding anniversary. How did it all come so fast?

Life has highs and lows, and fast-paced times and slow-paced times. September 2015 held a purpose and so it’s good that it happened, but I also can’t not say that I’m looking forward to life settling down again too and hoping that October brings something nice and calm and happy with it.

On days like today, I wish I had the ability to go back to bed and sleep the day away until someone wakes me up again. Tomorrow. When September has ended and whatever is next has already come.

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  1. Wow, September was a busy (but sounds like overall good) month!

    And since today’s the 1st, congrats on your anniversary!

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