Today is Baby #3’s due date. Thankfully, he’s here already and arrived 6 days ago. I’ve been trying to piece together his birth story because I really, really want to blog about it. Writing out my birth stories after each birth has been really therapeutic for me. Not that I’ve had traumatic births. I haven;t. But just because labor/birth in and out of itself is such a transformative process. Like for real. This new person come out of you. It’s crazy.

I’ve written about birth before.

Anyway. I really am trying to get the birth story together. But until then, this Rambling Ronni post will have to suffice.

OH – it’s a BOY!! Our “full house” Peck family turned out to be kings over queens. 🙂 

I can’t believe I am now the mom to TWO sons. Coming from being the oldest in a family of six sisters, I know so much more about girls than boys. And now I have more sons than daughters. Crazy.

I love him so much though. Newborns really are the best. So precious in a way that they grow out of so quickly. Already, in just 6 days, little “Freddie” has changed. Aww, but he’s so cuddly. I love that he loves me and knows me and I’m the most familiar thing in the world to him.

And I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ridiculously happy that I am no longer pregnant. I thought this day would never come. I was not a happy pregnant person this time around. I know they talk about watching out for postpartum depression – but tbh, for me at least, postpartum – even in the midst of all this craziness and no sleep and a leaking body and residual pains – is such a happy time. I’m so happy to be on this side of it all.

So “Freddie” (not his real name, but what I’m going to call him here in this blog) was born 6 days ago.

You know how they say that by the time you get to your third birth, the kid just kind of flies out and the labors are fast and fierce?

Ha, no such luck for me. It actually ended up being my longest and most frustrating labor at about 13 hours. I’ll explain it all later in a followup birth story post, whenever I can get to it. It involves inconsistent contractions, stalled labor, a cervical lip and a nuchal hand. But I did it. Third home birth. No pain meds.

I think we’re probably done with this kid, but if for some crazy reason I ever were to get pregnant again, man, maybe I’ll go get an epidural, ha ha. I’ve done this natural birth thing 3 times now and I’m proud of myself. But I don’t really know if I ever want to do it again. 🙂

I need to go soon. I’m stealing away a few minutes while KP and his mom have the baby and I’m lying in bed alone. Waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in so I can nurse soon without crying. Lol. Man, the early days of breastfeeding. I tend to be prone to super engorgement which is so not fun if you know anything about it (sorry any guys reading this who probably don’t want to know all the post-birth details a woman has to deal with 🙂 ).

Sigh. Last night was a bit rough. One big blur of waking up, popping Freddie on my boob, shooting nipple pains, leaking, him falling asleep while nursing but waking up as soon as I lay him down, fussiness, burping, diaper changes, frustration, offering a pacifier, dozing off and being woken up again.

I’m tired this morning.

But happy.

So happy.

Proper birth story to be written soon.

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